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The Psychology of Change

I am certain if there were a magic button we girls could push to lose a few pounds well, we would be right on it. What does it really take to get results and change you? To really be the person you imagine or even the person you have been in a past season. Over the past decade many have asked what is the secret sauce to the Onion Factory results? Some suggest it might be me. That bossy side of my bullish nature does allow me, at times to help get people to do more that they thought they could and to believe in themselves.

Obviously the first step to results is having the right knowledge to make the right choices. The step that seems to throw most clients off is the the next step….Changing your mindset.The psychology of change is simply the process of changing your behaviors. Finding new habits and replacing them with choices that will assist you in getting killer results. I refer to this transition as psycho moments because a few seconds after the impulse or bad selection people are frustrated with their breakdown. Sometimes sheer will power is just not enough. At some point in the process of reinventing yourself or should I say taking back ownership of yourself you will run into the “y” factor. “Why” you and your brain might be in the way of obtaining the results you truly desire.

I share with clients all the time, If you go to an event and make a mistake, lets say indulged in a brownie that you know is not factored in to your daily nutrition plan, no big deal. Jump right back into healthy-weight loss worthy choices. If you find you ate the entire sheet of brownies that day then their is probably a deeper issue with food that you will need to work thru. If so, it will be time to do the Y worksheet. Just remember some days will be easier than others but if you keep working towards your goal and practice new choices I promise you will get there.

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