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I am not Hungry

Exactly! You have stalled your engine and are teaching your body (metabolism) how to store fat and be in starvation mode. The saying goes, if you are not thirsty you are not drinking enough and if you are not hungry you are not eating enough.

This is a fairly simple thought but how often do we feed an infant? Naturally about three hours past their last feeling babies will let you know they are ready to eat again. Babies at this stage in life don’t have a choice. They are either on formula which has been designed to fit the needs of an infant or they are on breast milk which is naturally complete nutrition. Once humans have a choice proper balanced nutrition normally goes out the window. We begin to eat what tastes good to us versus what we need nutritionally.

Who would have thought eating was a solution to obesity. I am not talking about driving through your favorite drive thru several time a day on a whim. Or eating because you are having a craving or have been stimulated by a smell as you drive by. I am talking about nutrition. Look at it this way- would you expect your car to drive anywhere on empty? I think not. Then don’t expect your body to perform on empty either.

In fact, there are grave consequences to NOT eating. Ok, I realize grave was a little dramatic but eating and stoking your fire (metabolism) is one of the easiest ways to help you lose fat, feel better, make better choices and be in charge of your overall health.

Commit to eating every three hours. Commit to making great choices with your food. Be creative. Food is such a wonderful way to bring people together. Remember when you eat well, you feel well, and you do well.

To your health…

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