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A Dozen Eggs

How many times have you heard someone say its TOO expensive to EAT healthy! First and foremost for the record healthy eating and weight loss worthy eating are entirely two different processes. Whole gains are very healthy, however I have seen plenty of fluffy peoples shopping carts filled with brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Olive oil is heart healthy but 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of olive oil still have about 10 grams of fat.

So, lets set the record straight on a few thoughts. You need to understand that protein feeds the muscle and muscle sustains your metabolism. If you want to manage your weight more effectively stop feeding your reserve tank with “healthy” fillers such as grains, and start feeding your metabolism with “clean” protein. What do we mean by clean? A protein that will fit into your daily fat requirement.

At this point you might be thinking what is clean protein? Clean protein is as easy as a investing in a dozen eggs. And they are cheap. Now a days a dozen eggs ranges between $.49 – $.99. In fact a dozen eggs happens to be about the perfect amount of protein per day for the average women and NO fat if you get rid of the yokes. Wow, now that is a great idea to build a daily menu on. So try this, for breakfast whip up some scrambled eggs. Use 1 yoke to 3 egg whites if you can’t visually handle the white only option. For lunch make egg salad, use the same philosophy for your egg salad and use a light miracle whip. For dinner try making a frittata. Google your favorite recipe and exchange the cheese for a mozzarella which is naturally lower in fat.

Here’s to you and your weight loss worthy eating!

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