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Before & After

Check out these awesome before & after images & read how visiting Eat 2 Lose changed their life!

Angie Bostic - 2016 (1).JPG

Angie Bostic

Who would've dreamed I would ever take off 38 pounds, 34 inches, and 5% body fat in eight weeks. I had literally tried every diet plan known to mankind I never had the results that I did with the Onion Camp at the Onion Factory. I had a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sugar diabetes, bad knees, Barrett Esophagus, and back pain. My family on both sides have severe heart disease history!

One of the  first words I remember Lisa saying was "Do exactly what I tell you to do, and apply the skills and the layers of your onion  will peel off."

She has over 25 + years of knowledge, experience and the facility to teach you how to change yourself for a healthier lifestyle.

I personally took back my life, purchased her food plan for the eight weeks during the course, and had excellent results. I'm the healthiest I have been in thirty years. I continue to use the skills that Lisa has taught me about food labels and how to make smart choices. It is a lifestyle change not for today, tomorrow, or next week But for the rest of my life! Dr. Armand Gallanosa,MD my family physician in Anderson, was ecstatic with my results.

I'm currently medicine free, feel great, and the happiest I have been in a long time! One of her slogan's is "The fork is mightier than the gym", and I was proof of that.

I continued to execute the plan, followed her advice, and joined classes/worked out at the studio. Within a year, I reached 100 pound goal!

I personally want to think Lisa and the onion factory for changing and saving my life. Lisa always says, "Sooner or later, they all come back!" I think the smart ones never leave.

Gloria Norrod - 2017.JPG

Gloria Norrod

My doctor sent me to the Onion Factory to learn to eat healthy, exercise and loose weight.  I started with a few problems against me.  I have chronic back pain even after having four back surgeries.  I had just had oral surgery and was recovering from a broken arm when I started this process.

The Onion Factory has helped me to reach my goal.  My doctor has taken me off of cholesterol and blood pressure medicines.

Lisa has helped me to lose 50 pounds and 50 inches!  Thank you for your encouragement and friendship.

Laura Riddle - 2017-5 F.JPG

Laura Riddle

I came to the Onion Factory to feel better as well as feel better about myself.  Like everyone, I have had some struggles, illness, and adversity in my life recently.  I found that while all of this was going on, my physical health and fitness had been neglected.  I have been a pretty healthy and fit person most of my life, so I was looking for a way to get back to that.

My mom had joined the factory and I was seeing her results.  I decided to go and talk to Lisa about the opportunities that I could have by being a part of it.  Lisa’s passion resonated with me and sounded like just the thing I was needing. I have always loved to exercise and I believe what they say about endorphins!

I have to retrain my brain about eating more and training less, but eventually I got there.  I knew I was transforming, but I was blown away by my before and after photos.  I know now that I can follow this way of life for the rest of my life!  Thank you so much Lisa! :)

Sharon Werline - 6 2017 F.JPG

Sharon Werline

I was referred to the Onion Factory by a dear friend. I went to a free session because I needed to be on the mend. I wore a very large size of clothes and was chunky from my neck to my toes! I came to my consultation with a hurt knee and could barely walk. Then, Lisa and I had a very hard talk. I didn't join that day. Instead, I went to the doctor, and got a Cortisone shot right away. The doctor told me I was getting arthritis, and I knew I was overweight. I joined the Onion Factory before it was too late.

I signed up for 8 weeks and lost over 25 pounds. I exercised and ate by the program. It wasn't as hard as it sounds! I lost weight, but wanted to reach my personal goal. And to get rid of my middle roll, I signed up for another 8 weeks. Then I found out I had breast cancer and had to have surgery in a couple of weeks. I was going to quit the program because I was in a real jam. I had doctor's appointments, radiation, and worked full time every weekday. Instead, I stayed at the Onion Factory and did what my body could take each day.

I have never stopped going since that first day. I have met great friends, and they know what to say to keep us laughing, accountable, and losing weight. As of now I have lost 80 pounds to date!

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