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Sugar Free, Fat Free, Carb Free Gluten Free

I first stated my “Dieting” journey in the 80’s, but before that I paid attention to my Moms choices with sugar free options, especially the treats. Sugar Free seemed to be the fad in the 70’s. That or the image that comes to mind from the series Madmen where everyone just hung out and smoked a cigarette and drank martinis. I am not sure nutrition was front and center. Sweet and Low and sugar free substitutes stands out to me as the first solution to managing weigh gain. Not too far after that was the Fat Free craze. I can remember rice cakes, pretzels, pasta with no meat sauce and the best was Entenmann’s Fat Free coffee cake or just about anything that says free. Our brain seems to switch free into unlimited, which is a completely a different soap box rant.

Then we jumped head first into the idea that all we needed to do was manage our carbohydrates. During the Atkins hype protein and no carbs were all the rage. Most recently is gluten free. Yes, gluten free has its benefits for people with celiac disease however too many gluten free items are higher in carbs then a regular choice. And if you have not been diagnosed with the disease what is the point of eating higher carb items while you are trying to manage your weight.

Yes, its confusing. But lets start with one idea to simplify all this. Each and every one of the above options are important, but not one of the ideas above suggest balance. Its true, the body can only digest so many sugar grams, and so many fat grams, and so much carbohydrates until they are stored as fat.

Truly, it perplexes me that someone isn’t screaming at the top of the mountains and saying ….What is wrong with this picture? Oh yea, that’s me! What I hope to do is enlighten you with the knowledge and HOW to find balanced nutritional principles so you can change your life. Specifically, learn how to live in a safe weight range.

Eat well Feel Well Do Well…

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